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Welcome to the Law Office of Lloyd J. Tabary II

It is my mission to give clients the best  advice and representation that is in my power. Every client is treated  with courtesy and is guaranteed the special attention that each  individual case deserves. Because of this, clientel comes mainly through  recommendation. 

 My consistent track record of  uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. I use cutting edge  technologies that allow me to respond quickly and give you the most  relevant information and perspectives.

About Lloyd Tabary

Lloyd  J. Tabary II was born and raised in New Orleans, La. He went to Loyola  University for his undergraduate degree where he graduated with a double  major in Biological Sciences and Chemistry in 1981. He remained with  Loyola to complete his law degree and graduated in 1987. After being  admitted to the bar in 1988, he and his family moved to Baton Rouge and  has remained there ever since.

Lloyd started working as a Quality Control Manager at Coca-Cola while in  law school and after graduating joined DSM Copolymer where he worked  with enviornmental and safety regulatory affairs. He later became  General Counsel of a variety of companies throughout Louisiana and Texas  including DSM Copolymer Inc. and DSM Melamine Americas for nine years.  As of 2005, he is in private practice which has allowed him to spend  even more time focusing on his clients.

Concentrating mainly on business law, which involves various elements of  finacial and organizational areas specific to each individual  business, Lloyd has worked in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America  and Central America. He also works with large law firms throughout the  country to represent them locally in a cost effective manner.


"I will give my clients the best advice possible and zealously represent them to the best of my ability."
-Lloyd J. Tabary II


Areas Of Expertise:

Environmental Law
Wills and Trusts
VEBA and Health Care Issues
Commercial Law
Small Company Acquisitions and Divestments